2023 Club Awards

AKC Sportsmanship – Ken Hrabak
Reckart Club Member – Cynthia Poveda
Ed Stone HT – Beth Blair, Kai’s Big Adventure, MH
Chessman Field Trial – Sally Koepke and Steve Roegiers, AFC Carronade’s Eggplant Patsy


2022 Club Awards

AKC Sportsmanship – Pat Daly
Reckart Club Member – Matt Radca
Ed Stone HT – Shannon Black, 2022 Brother of Leg Breaker
Chessman Field Trial – Mike Garrity, Ridgecrest’s Stars and Stripes, QAA


2021 Club Awards

AKC Sportsmanship – Jimmy Rodgers
Bob Reckart Award – Jim Domo
Ed Stone Hunt Test – David Philips & Sugarcoat Laden To The Gunwale, MH, MNR, QAA
Chessman Field Trial – Sally Koepke, Carronade’s Eggplant Patsy


2020 Club Awards

AkC Sportsmanship – Beth Blair
Bob Reckart Award – Tim Daily
Ed Stone Hunt Test – Bill Skeels, Watermark’s Black Ice, MH
Chessman Kittredge Trophy – Sally Koepke, Carronade’s Black Jack


2019 Club Awards

Chessman Kittredge Field Trial Award – Matt Radca and Molly
This award was donated by longtime field Trial members, Betty and Mike Bigley and Brian and Lisa Edgehouse in honor and memory of the Buckeye Retriever club member whose dog has earned the highest number of total in all stakes.

Edison Stone Hunt Test Award – Dave Phillips and Gunwale
Awarded to the best hunt test dog

Bob Reckart Award – Randy Reynolds
Member of the year award. Presented to the member who has helped make BRC better for members and canines.

BRC Sportsmanship Award – Cyndi Poveda
Presented to the BRC member who displays outstanding willfulness to help other club members.


2019 AKC Qualified All-Age

Matt Radca – Molly, QAA


2018 Club Awards

Chessman Kittredge Field Trial Award – Eric Lingler
Edison Stone Hunt Test Award – Patrick Daly
Bob Reckart Award – Patrick Daly
BRC Sportsmanship Award – Bill Skeels